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Klodian Allajbeu, the infiltrated Gulenist; submitted to the Turkish Embassy the names and addresses of Gulenists in Albania and Kosovo

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Klodian Allajbeu, the infiltrated Gulenist; submitted to the Turkish Embassy the
Klodian Allajbeu /

This is how and why the Gulenist Klodian Allajbeu of the PPP-Hemodialysis American Hospital, three months after Erdogni's ultimatum, joined the anti-Gulenist mission and in business with the Erdoganist Sinan Idrizi of the charter company, to whom he donated 7.9 million euros. .                                         

First of all, they are mentioning three concrete facts, from the attitude of the Turkish state towards the group of Gulenists who live and work in Albania:

- On January 17, 2022, from the floor of the Parliament of Albania, the Turkish president, Taip Erdogan, took revenge on the Prime Minister Edi Rama and all the deputies, with this ultimatum: - I don't want to hear anymore that there are members of the Feto organization in Albania, they are needed captured and sent to Turkey.

- On November 2, 2022 in Ankara, the former Foreign Minister of Turkey, Mevlut Cavusoglu; during a press conference, he said to former minister Olta Xhaçka: - Implement our order to capture and extradite the Gulenists to Turkey.

- On January 24, 2024 in Tirana, the Foreign Minister of Turkey, Hakan Fidan; during the meeting with Edi Rama and during the press conference with the Foreign Minister, Igli Hasani, repeated the same ultimatum: - Capture and extradite the Gulenists who are in Albania.

Since the last ultimatum, it has been thought that Edi Rama is not implementing Erdogan's ultimatum, to identify and remove the Gulenists from Albania; even to one of the heads of the Feto group, the oligarch Klodian Allajbeu of the "American Hospital", Prime Minister Edi Rama has given nearly 230 million Euros in tenders and concessions.

Everyone has expressed surprise, due to the fact that Edi Rama, not only does not hand over the Gulenist Klodian Allajbeu to Erdogan, but is so strongly connected to him that he has given PPP-Hemodaliza and the monopoly of the public market of the majority in Tirana and the surgical service of thrombosis.

But an information received in "Pamphlet" from the national security agency, informed that Gulenist Klodian Allajbeu is part of Edi Rama's group, to identify and trap his Gulenist missionaries, in implementation of the ultimatum plan. of Erdogan, to capture and extradite him to Turkey, or at least to expel him.

According to the information, a month ago, Klodian Allajbeu, through Sinan Idrizi of the Bablok charter company, submitted to the Turkish Embassy in Tirana, the list of personal data and economic and political activity in the service of the Feto organization, of the Gulenists who are in Serbia and Kosovo, where he also has a branch of the "American Hospital".

This spy service in favor of Erdogan and against the Feto organization; for Klodian Allajbeu is a guarantee of inviolability, which he received from businessman Sinan Idrizi, who submitted the list and addresses of Gulenists to the Turkish Embassy.

Gulenist Klodian Allajbeu established the connection with Sinan Idrizi of the Erdogan-Rama mafia clan on April 26, 2022, when he made Sinan Idrizi a partner in the PP Hemodialysis company "EVITA-ARIMO BV", through the joint subsidiary "SI-ALBANIA Sh. pk", only 3 months after the ultimatum that Erdogan issued on January 17, 2022 in Albania.

A month and a half after its creation, on June 8, 2022, Klodian Allajbeu's company transferred 7.9 million Euros to Sinan Idrizi, through the firm "SI-ALBANIA", while 1 month later, on July 1, 2022, he sold the company to fictitiously as the value of the initial capital 100 thousand ALL./ Pamphlet


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