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How did Edi Rama take the American Embassy hostage?!

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How did Edi Rama take the American Embassy hostage?!
Edi Rama /

Our chief thief has taken hostage the diplomatic corps, from where the Albanians are waiting for a signal, how far the investigation has progressed in the Rama-McGonigal file and all the others, up to ABI Bank or Xibraka in Olsit...

Edi Rama's first work is the first scandal, the most serious of a political leader filmed to date, the physical violence, i.e. the throwing of the American Flag with the palm of his hand in a meeting with his own people.

And what is the last job?

His last work, this is the last day.

Doli also vented his anger against the Romanian media, who are "furious" the world with the scandal of the former general of the secret services Florian Coldea, today the external adviser of the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, who offered protection for the network that brought cocaine from Mexico to Albania and beyond after in Romania.

All the other jobs between the first and the last, are through the assets of the prime minister's family, who lived in poverty when he started his journey as an anti-American, and the poverty of the Albanian people who live among natural resources better than America itself.

At this point, the point that does not fall to those who are paid by the peoples taxes, just to put the point on i.

The silence of the American Embassy to the scandalous scandals of Sheikh Edi Rama for the strong ties with the Mexican Sinaloa, the Italian 'Ndrangheta, the Russian and Chinese businesses, the shopping with Tony Blair, Charles McGonigal, Hunter Biden, Alexander Soros and every person who takes Babloku as a barber, continues. from the first day to the last of his work.  

Babloku also shot qeros and qibar.

For a comb, I use the plastic teeth of the global mafia and the American embassy that have it.

He doesn't get close to his own people, but is held in high regard, above all, as much time, money and power, he has more than anyone in any narco-state.

The accusations that even Ambassador Yuri Kim has some property or benefits here, that hundreds of patronages in black, not registered as employed at the American Embassy, ​​also have businesses and frightening wealth, have increased the doses of suspicion that this our chief thief, and has taken hostage the diplomatic corps, from which the Albanians are waiting for a signal, how far has the investigation progressed in the Rama-McGonigal file and all the others, up to ABI Bank or Xibraka in Olsit.

But why haven't they published the names of embassy employees for many years, according to the law on diplomatic corps?!

Maybe to hide identities, some employments, or millions of dollars with less wages than the cleaners in America.

Beyond the needs of justice, let's walk with measured steps through mythology.

Altini of SPAK has been castrated, the environment of American ambitions has been scared.

This has happened in McGonigal's century, when in the linguistics of our legends, the phrase buy-sell, made the World feverish.

Even when they have noise, they fight with each other.

In front of emotions, there are stubborn facts.

We have been saying for a year that the embassy will not have an ambassador until the spring of 2025, as the fear is that the offers of the head mobster Edi Rama are hard to resist for any living being, even man.

For America, it would be the next failure, if David Kostelankik Babloku breaks his scythe.

So, you people who love this country, don't talk to anyone that they have robbed you, because they not only kill you, but also leave you without a grave, because even the graves are sold as much as the living ones you leave behind have to sell their houses so that your body rests under the ground.

Even the shadow behind you is kicked by these animals, so it is better not to peel the onion wrapped in the skin of Sinhalese cynicism quickly, but gradually.

Yes, you should be on the trigger as soon as your foot slips towards asset transparency, but until after the November 5 presidential elections in America, you have enough to wonder, bro, how did Edi Rama take the American Embassy hostage ?!/ Pamphlet

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