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Tried but failed to save marriage/ JLo starts from plans for 'a better life'

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Tried but failed to save marriage/ JLo starts from plans for 'a better

Jennifer Lopez is tired of trying to save her broken marriage with Ben Affleck. She is already planning her next steps, including the return of her tour in 2025.

Amid rumors raging about the couple's marital status, an industry insider has claimed the pop star has reached "rock bottom" and no longer feels there is "more" he can do to save the relationship.

"Jenny's had enough and she's really tried but she can't do any more, it's not getting better, it's worse," a music industry source told the DailyMail.

The main reason J.Lo, 54, left her 51-year-old husband was because he was always 'upset'.

Lopez is sad about the end of her marriage, but is trying to make the best of it by exercising, spending time with her twins Max and Emme, and making new plans for 2025, they continued.

“Ben is a great guy, but he can be grumpy and mean. I think the world saw that in the pictures when they were at the Grammys last year; he wasn't smiling. "If they saw him for what he really was, they wouldn't attack him," Jennifer's friend said.

He smokes and curses all the time and seems irritated a lot of the time. 'Great director and actor, but not many laughs with him, you know?' the source said. However, he is a wonderful father.

Lopez plans to continue. These days she relies on her close friends.

One is designer Shawn Barton, whose nickname is Beezy. Another is vocal coach Stevie Mackey. Meanwhile, Lopez postponed engagements this summer to give herself some time to reevaluate her life.

"She's living on her own and not with Ben, I think everyone knows that already, so that's a big change for her and the kids," the friend said. In fact, Ben moved into a $100,000-a-month rental house near Garner months ago.

“She invested a lot of time and energy, and I think he did the same. There is no one to blame here. It just wasn't written. It is very difficult for two big stars to maintain a marriage, one has to give in and in this case neither one does.'

However, instead of crying at home, Jennifer is making plans for a better life.

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